Highlighting Our Veterans: Stacey Carpenter

At a time when many of his friends were going off to college, Stacey Carpenter answered a different calling. He wanted to join the military to make a difference and to follow in the footsteps of his grandfathers, who both served in WWII.

In October 1991, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard. At boot camp in Cape May, NJ, he received honors as a marksman on a rifle. His first duty station was the Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa in New Castle, NH. 

Stacey served as a boatswain's mate apprentice and gunner's mate apprentice doing search and rescue missions in the North Atlantic Ocean and performing fishery patrols on the U.S./Canadian oceanic border. After almost a year on the Tam, he was transferred to U.S. Coast Guard Support Center Boston, where he worked in the labor pool helping maintain infrastructure. He was honorably discharged in March of 1993 with full VA benefits and GI Bill. “My time in the military was short,” says Stacey. “But filled with honor, duty, and responsibility.”

Stacey went to work with his father; a pipe general foreman at Brown & Root. In between jobs, he was hired as a brush cutter for Delta Surveys out of Morgan City, LA. On a construction project with his father, he witnessed a total station set-up and knew immediately what he wanted to do.

Today, Stacey serves as an Industrial Surveyor at Performance. One of the many reasons he values Performance Contractors is their reverence for veterans. “I would encourage veterans looking for a career after the military to apply for work at Performance,” says Stacey. “Our ideals are aligned: attention to detail, respect for the chain of command, maintain an open mind, and never stop learning.”

Outside of work, Stacey plays guitar, sings, and gives back to his community. He’s committed to enriching the lives of his two daughters and his beloved wife.