Our Awards

Accolades & Awards for Safe, Quality Construction

Perfection is always the goal, but it’s never the end. 

It’s the taste of perfection that pushes us to keep working harder; to keep driving results both for our clients and ourselves. This dedication to strive for better in everything we do is the key to our success and proven by our trophy cabinet.

A Sample of our Silverware

ABC Eagle Awards

Evaporator Project – Less than $5 Million

Renewable Diesel Project — $15 – 25 M

Phillips 66
Lake Charles Gasoline Isomerization Project — $25-100 Million

SRU 30 Waste Heat Boiler Turnaround — Up to $5 Million

Baytown Lubes Expansion Project — $25-100 Million

OCI North America
Pandora Ammonia/Methanol Turnaround — $25-100 Million

BASF Corporation
MDI Cascade Project — Up to $5 Million

Enterprise Products Operating, LP
MTBV ISBL/OSBL P/P Splitter IV Project — $25-99 Million

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP
SM-1 Process Sewer Replacement Project — $2-5 Million

Marathon Ashland Petroleum, LLC
FCCU Improvement Project — $5-15 Million

Low Sulfur Mogas Project — $15-25 Million

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
SM1 Modernization Project — $25-99 Million

ECLA-W “C” Furnace Project — $2-5 Million

BASF Corporation
Aniline MNB II Project — $5-15 Million

Rubicon, Inc.
Project Zipper — $25-99 Million

CO Furnace Project — $5-15 Million

EA-1211 Project — $2-5 Million

Dow Chemical Company
Mayflower Project — Over $25 Million

ABC Pyramid Awards

Alkylation Tank Farm Project — Up to $5 Million

Dow Chemical
Poly B and Poly D Project — All Projects over $200MM

Oxea Corporation
Propanol 2 Project — $15 to $25 Million

Ticon Project — $5-15 Million

MSAT2 Project — $5-15 Million

Westlake Chemical
Petro 2 Turnaround — $5-15 Million

BASF Corporation
MMP Recommission Project — $5-15 Million

LSG Project — $25-99 Million

Workforce Development

CURT Award of Excellence for Performance's Military Workforce Development Program

CURT Workforce Development Award

GBRIA Award of Excellence for Craft Workforce Development

Military Employment Awards

2014, 2016-2020 Military Friendly Employer Silver Award

2016-2020 Military Friendly Spouse Employer

Best for Vets: Employers 2014-2022
#45 nationally, #1 in construction, #1 in Louisiana