Highlighting Our Veterans: Nick Wheeler

When Nick Wheeler left high school and entered adulthood, he found himself searching for direction and a sense of purpose. The appeal of enlisting felt like a natural path, reinforced by Nick’s calling to honor those who served before him.

In 1999, he joined the Illinois Army National Guard — completing basic training at Fort Leonardwood, Missouri and AIT at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. From there, Nick joined his unit; the 135th Engineers in Lawrenceville, Illinois.

Nick served under great leadership that helped him better understand core values and strong principles that would later guide him throughout the course of his adult life. Values like determination still keep Nick moving forward today. “I believe the military instilled the drive in me that keeps me pushing through on the days I’d rather give up,” says Nick. “I really appreciate the experiences I had, and the people I would’ve never met had it not been for the National Guard.”

Around the time he enlisted, Nick was also learning the basics of construction; it was in his blood. His dad and uncles were fitters and welders who proudly encouraged Nick to better understand the ins and outs of a construction site and an invaluable trade.

Nick came to Performance Contractors five years ago; starting off as a Pipefitter, and working his way up to his current position as General Foreman at Edwardsport, Indiana. He claims he was moved by the amount of recognition and appreciation he’s received for his military service. “I would tell any veteran that Performance Contractors would provide them a decent living and the support they need to transition into civilian life,” says Nick.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys fishing, grilling, and playing guitar. But mostly, he’s passionate about enjoying life with his wife and four children.