Highlighting Our Veterans: Michael Hernandez Jr.

“My experience in the military was nothing short of great,” says Michael Hernandez Jr. “I was a Master-at-Arms (Military Police) for the U.S Navy. I also deployed twice.”

Michael originally joined the military to bring structure and stability to his life. In retrospect, he looks back at his service with immense pride. In fact, his most cherished feat was making his mother proud.

Michael believes that many of the values he learned in the military apply to his job at Performance. In a sense, his service helped him grow his capacity for empathy and understanding. He also holds integrity close to his heart — practicing this deeply critical ideal that he learned to better understand during his time in the service: integrity in himself, his work, and his contributions to the team.

Michael claims that his life changed dramatically when he joined the military. It provided the consistency he’d craved his entire life, and it created a foundation for day-to-day work/life success he enjoys today.

Michael eventually transitioned to a life in construction. He enjoyed the financial aspect of the industry, but working as a boilermaker, he saw the difference that safety personnel can have on stopping jobs that [if unchecked] could seriously hurt someone. Today, Michael serves as a Safety Coordinator on the path to becoming a Safety Manager at Performance.

At Performance, Michael is highly valued, and apparently he feels the same way about the company; “The leadership with Performance always makes me feel supported and encouraged to always push for the right thing,” he says.

According to Michael, there’s one piece of advice he’s happy to share with other Veterans and active duty military who might be considering launching a career with our team: “The grass is greener on the side with Performance.”

When he’s not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family. In his spare time, he’s passionate about going to the gym, watching movies, and playing video games with his family.