Highlighting Our Veterans: Kimberly Clements

Born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Kimberly Clements grew up with immense respect for the armed forces. Her dad served in the Army, and was a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Following in her father’s footsteps, she enlisted in the Navy and served eight years; four years active duty, and four years reserve — attached to a squadron at NAS Oceana. Her rank and rate was AK3. She claims that her life changed dramatically when she joined the military. “Anyone that served can tell you the sense of pride you have is overwhelming,” she says. “Your brothers and sisters in arms are your family.”

After her years in service, she worked for an oil field company, and by pure happenstance, soon after landed a role on a construction project. She felt fulfilled by watching a project come together, and sensed her familiar military teamwork as an essential component of construction work.

Today, Kimberly’s been with Performance Contractors for four and a half years, currently working in Material Control at Chevron/REG Renewable Diesel Expansion Project. She values how Performance Contractors provides their veterans with a feeling of pride with countless events and military holiday celebrations. “It’s a blessing working for a company that has huge respect for veterans,” says Kimberly. “Performance goes the extra mile to make their veterans feel honored and held in high regard.”

She treats her coworkers with the same level of respect she learned in the military. Core values that help shape her life and work ethic are honor, courage, and commitment. She understands that being a leader means having the right attitude towards your coworkers, as well as being able to work productively and respectfully with one another.

When Kimberly’s not at work, she enjoys vacationing, boating, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. Besides serving her country, Kimberly’s greatest achievement is her four children: Sammy, Madison, Jalen, and Tristian.