Highlighting Our Veterans: Kade Reich

Since the beginning of his service in the army in 2017, Kade Reich has been a natural leader, holding strong to his values of discipline, time management, and communication. During his training he attended basic and advanced leadership schools, where he strengthened his skills that he uses everyday here at Performance Contractors. Through that same hard work and dedication, Kade was named Best Warrior of the Year in his brigade, an honor that acknowledges an individual's strengths in a variety of challenges over the span of a three day competition. This three-day event included M4 and M17 shooting qualifications, a timed ruck march, timed land navigation and Advanced warrior tactics. Kade competed against 15 of the best soldiers from every brigade and came out on top, moving on to compete.at the state level against other Army and Air Force soldiers who won honors with their respective brigades. 

Kade is a quick learner and worked his way up in the army fairly quickly, where he still currently serves as a Heavy Weapons Squad Leader. At Performance, he works as Project Controls internand is actively learning the ins and outs of contract work. He’s also enrolled in LSU’s Construction Management program. 

This opportunity is giving him the motivation to do his best – both at work and school – because of the quality people and positive influences he finds himself surrounded by. He’s excited to continue his military career, and then explore a career with Performance once his military service is over. By taking part in our veterans program now, Kade is able to gain valuable, real-world experience and better prepare for life after his military service.

When he’s not working, Kade is either studying, working out, or playing video games. He considers himself a simple guy and enjoys relaxing and cooking with his girlfriend, riding four-wheelers, and shooting guns. Thank you to Kade, and veterans everywhere, for your hard work and service. We’re honored to be in the position to help veteran and active military members find job opportunities and to make the transition to civilian life easier. 

From all of us at Performance, and on behalf of all others, we’re eternally grateful for your service to our nation. Thank you for your service, Kade!