Highlighting Our Veterans: Casey Page

Casey Page was born into a family with a rich military history. Several of his uncles were career military men, which first sparked his interest in joining in the legacy and serving his country in addition to having an opportunity to see other parts of the world. During his senior year of high school, international activity that ended up becoming Desert Storm was the final catalyst to push Casey toward joining the United States Navy.

After graduating – alongside several peers from high school – Casey enlisted. He served in the Navy from 1991 until 1996 as an aviation structural mechanic in the airframes shop, as well as in corrosion control, in assignment on two separate fighter squadrons. His squadron performed operations from the USS America in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, enforcing the no-fly zone around Iraq and operations in Bosnia.

Upon finishing his service, Casey was looking for a new way to support his family. After working in construction in the years after his service, Casey landed at Performance in 2014 with his first role as a pipefitter. He then worked as a foreman and safety professional before taking up his current role as the Mobile region’s training coordinator.

Casey attributes his appreciation for leadership to his time in the military. Knowing that good leaders take less of the credit and take care of those who they are in charge of, Casey seeks to emulate that in his Performance career. He also finds the parallels of brotherhood to be true of both his time in the military and that at Performance. Spending time traveling for work and away from family, Casey has forged true, long-lasting friendships with his Performance family.

For Casey, loving his family and loving God are the most important things that he does. He and his wife will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this year, and they have an 11 year old daughter who keeps him young (and tired). From family cookouts to traveling, Casey believes that life is better when it’s spent surrounded by the ones you love.

People of integrity like Casey are what have helped Performance become the company that we are today. We thank you, Casey, for your years of service to our nation and your commitment to the Performance family.