Performance, a Turnaround Company

Hard Work When it Matters Most

Performance Contractors completes,

on average, one million man hours every single year in our execution of shutdown and turnaround services. Our specialty labor force spans the South and completes turnarounds from coast to coast.

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  • Over 1,800 WPS 
  • Exclusive alloy shop in Baton Rouge
  • ASME "U", ASME "S", and NBIC "R" Certified


  • Shop Manager - average tenure of 20 years
  • Shop Craftsman - average tenure of 8 years


  • More than 140 clients
  • Industries include chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, fertilizer, LNG, power, and petrochemical

Safe and Skilled Turnaround Services

With a refined process for properly utilizing our available manpower, Performance Contractors is structured to support turnaround services with quality and efficient work.

Our Turnaround Services

  • Boiler and furnace erection and repairs
  • Bundle extraction
  • Concrete foundations
  • Equipment assembly, erection and repair
  • Fin fan maintenance
  • Heavy lift / heavy haul
  • High alloy welding
  • Maintenance 
  • Millwright alignment work
  • Pipe erection
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Pressure vessel repairs
  • Specialty welding
  • Structural steel erection
  • Tower internals

Our turnaround procedures enable us to offer our people consistent employment as we’re able to dynamically shift resources when and where they’re needed most.

Company Owned Equipment

  • Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor
  • Aerial Bundle Extractor
  • Tube Extractor
  • Crane Fleet

We approach turnarounds with the same focus on safety-driven work. From turnaround planning and execution, through plant start-up and commissioning, Performance Contractors personnel are trained to execute with safety and quality at every stage.

Contact Us About Turnaround Service Needs

With more than 7,200 projects and 43 years of experience, we bring consistency and quality to each and every job to provide the best possible results and exceed our clients’ expectations. Learn more about shutdowns and turnarounds or contact a Performance Contractors team member about an upcoming project today.

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