Soft Craft Services

Full Service Built Upon a History of Performance

Total and Complete Performance

With soft craft services now a part of the Performance direct-hire portfolio, we’re able to better serve our clients’ needs at every touch point. A complete, full-service suite of offerings means more cost savings and cleaner communication from a single point of contact on your entire jobsite.

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  • Over 1,800 WPS 
  • Exclusive alloy shop in Baton Rouge
  • ASME "U", ASME "S", and NBIC "R" Certified


  • Shop Manager - average tenure of 20 years
  • Shop Craftsman - average tenure of 8 years


  • More than 140 clients
  • Industries include chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, fertilizer, LNG, power, and petrochemical


  • Increased Productivity - expediting the turnaround time of all soft-craft services
  • Consistent Site Management - creating consistency with your on-site personnel
  • Reduced Overhead - minimizing extra, outside costs
  • One Line of Communication - streamlining and simplifying your team’s day-to-day


  • Scaffolding - Using an all metal, integrated scaffold system, we assemble with increased productivity and lower cost while exceeding safety standards.
  • Insulation - Detailed QA/QC ensures that client specifications and industry standards are met in any and every insulation application.
  • Coatings - Our NACE certified supervisors perform both shop and field applications up to facility needs and industry standards.
  • Fireproofing - We leverage the most innovative, application-specific products to ensure total safety and fire prevention.


  • Our Company Values – The same principles that have made Performance the successful partner to companies all across the country are the trademark of our soft craft services division – quality, safety and dedication.
  • A Highly Competent Core Team – We’ve assembled a highly competent team to bring this division in-house in an effort to further increase not only our own efficiencies, but find cost and time savings for our clients as well.
  • The Drive to Be Better – Every single day presents us with an opportunity to achieve excellence and find new ways to become even better.

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