Construction Equipment Fleet

Reliable and Ready to Work

From cranes for heavy rigging

to welding machines, forklifts, and earth-moving equipment, Performance Contractors’ extensive construction equipment fleet provides immediate availability of items typically required on construction and maintenance projects.

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  • Over 1,800 WPS 
  • Exclusive alloy shop in Baton Rouge
  • ASME "U", ASME "S", and NBIC "R" Certified


  • Shop Manager - average tenure of 20 years
  • Shop Craftsman - average tenure of 8 years


  • More than 140 clients
  • Industries include chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, fertilizer, LNG, power, and petrochemical

Performance Owned and Operated

Our construction equipment fleet is matched with an experienced equipment maintenance staff that provides well-maintained, safe construction equipment for use. Rentals of equipment ensure immediate availability of items typically required on our construction and maintenance projects.

Notable Equipment in Fleet:

  • Bundle Extractor Fleet, including truck mounted and aerial bundle extractors
  • Crane Fleet, including rough terrains, tele-crawlers, and crawlers up to 330T
  • Forklift Fleet, including JLG telehandler forklifts

In addition, Performance Contractors’ equipment fleet includes a variety of construction equipment including a logistics fleet for hauling any and all equipment, a full team of rigging engineers dedicated to heavy lift plan development and execution, and mechanic shops located at each regional office and select sites to complete projects in a safe and timely manner.

Safety Spotlight

  • Load moment indicators
  • Proximity sensors
  • Backup cameras and alarms
  • AML external warning lamps

Contact Us About Construction Equipment Fleet Needs

With more than 7,200 projects and 43 years of experience, we bring consistency and quality to each and every job to provide the best possible results and exceed our clients’ expectations. Learn more about our construction equipment fleet services or contact a Performance Contractors team member about an upcoming project today.

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