Safety From the Start

a Focus of Safety for Generations

Another year calls for another edition of Safety From the Start, our annual kids drawing competition! Every year we have the young family members of our Performance employees draw pictures to show us just exactly what safety means to them.

Safety is a core part of who we are, and the most important piece of every job. This competition is one of the ways we're able to share the importance and commitment to safety with the younger members of the Performance family.


“Safety means always protect yourself no matter where you are.”
Jack Broussard, Age 7
Performance relative: Brandon Broussard (Father)
“Safety brings my dad home every day so we can play outside.”
Jaycie Carrico, Age 7
Performance relative: Michael Carrico (Father)
“Safety to me is being careful to not get hurt.”
Cora Craig, Age 5
Performance relative: Justin Craig (Father)
“Safety is making good choices daily not only for yourself but for others as well.”
Azul Castillo, Age 14
Performance relative: Ismael Castillo (Father)
“The best gift you can give family is to get home safe.”
Khushi Hira, Age 16
Performance relative: Ramesh Chander (Father)
“Anything can happen, so prepare for the worst.”
Emma Guercio, Age 10
Performance relative: Willie Lefever (Grandfather)
“Safety means daddy comes home to us!!!”
Sophia Perry, Age 7
Performance relative: Zac Perry (Father)
“Safety is being careful.”
Kennedy Craig, Age 7
Performance relative: Justin Craig (Father)
“Safety means going home at the end of the day to your family.”
Jashan Hira, Age 13
Performance relative: Ramesh Chander (Father)
“Safety is important to me because it keeps people from hurting themselves and from hurting others.”
Sawyer Mumford, Age 12
Performance relative: Joseph Wray (Grandfather)
“Safety means following the rules so you don’t get hurt.”
Lilly Marrs, Age 8
Performance relative: Chris Marrs (Father)
"When it comes to construction, safety is top priority."
Roy Yuan, Age 10
Performance relative: Lu Yuan (Father)