Safety From the Start

a Focus of Safety for Generations

Another year calls for another edition of Safety From the Start, our annual kids drawing competition! Every year we have the young family members of our Performance employees draw pictures to show us just exactly what safety means to them.

Safety is a core part of who we are, and the most important piece of every job. This competition is one of the ways we're able to share the importance and commitment to safety with the younger members of the Performance family.

Congratulations to this year's winner - Emma Guercio!  We’ll be showcasing the runner-ups here over the course of 2023, as well as eleven runner-ups. Congrats to all our winners!


"Safety means paying attention to everything around you."
Emma Guercio, Age 9
Performance relatives: Willie Lefever (Grandfather) & William Lefever's (Uncle)
"Orange you glad for safety gear? Bright colors help to ALERT others."
Lilly Marrs, Age 7
Performance relatives: Chris Marrs (Father)

"Safety means following the rules so no one gets hurt."
Kaden Teekel, Age 9
Performance relatives:
Keith Teekel (Father)