Safety From the Start

a Focus of Safety for Generations

This year, Performance Contractors' annual kids drawing competition, Safety From the Start, was more than a success. As a way to build a foundation of safety for tomorrow's generation, we asked our employees' children to depict what safety means to them in the form of artwork.

The public voted on more than 35 entries across four age groups and the winning drawing from each group will have their art displayed on Performance Contractors' job site banners throughout the year. We’ll be showcasing them here over the course of 2022, as well as eight runner-ups. Congrats to all our winners!


"Safety rules keep my daddy safe so he can come home to hug me and mommy."
Lainie James, Age 5
Performance relatives: Katie James (Grandmother) & Randall James, Jr. (Father)
"To me, safety is that my uncles follow the rules at work to avoid getting hurt."
Dante Castaneda, Age 10
Performance relatives: Angel Velasquez (Uncle) & Griselda Navarrete (Aunt)

"Safety means to always check-in for your check-ups."
Lilly Marrs, Age 6
Performance relative: Chris Marrs (Father)

"Safety means to be very careful at work so you can go home to your family."
Macklyn Parker, Age 6
Performance relative: Robert Parker (Father)
"It is important to stretch, stay focused, and stay tight while practicing gymnastics"
Noelle Lara, Age 8
Performance relative: Fabian Lara (Father)

"To me, safety is that my aunt and uncle return home strong and healthy and to be able to hug them."
Mateo Castaneda, Age 9
Performance relative: Angel Velasquez (Uncle) & Griselda Navarrete (Aunt)

"Safety goes hand in hand in keeping our family together!"
Jayci Robin, Age 13
Performance relative: Nolan Robin Jr. (Father)
"Safety means having all of your equipment on
so you don't get hurt."
Ellie Landry, Age 10
Performance relative: Michelle Landry (Mother)
"What safety means to me is to do things the right way so that accidents don’t happen that could have been prevented."
Drew Ponsa, Age 11
Performance relative: Dale Falcon (Grandfather)
"Reduce the chance of injury!"
Ava Vicknair, Age 14
Performance relative: Darryl Thompson (Step-Father)
"The best gift you can give your family
is you getting home safely."
Khushi Hira, Age 14
Performance relative: Ramesh Chander (Father)
"Stay safe wherever you are!"
Emma Guercio, Age 8
Performance relative: Willie Lefever (Grandfather) & William Lefever (Uncle)