Valero / Diamond Green Diesel - LPG to SMR Mechanical Project

Performance Contractors faced a hairpin timeline and shipping obstacles on a global scale — only to deliver an exceptional project with zero near-misses.

This project was important to Diamond Green Diesel because it would allow for the conversion of natural gas into hydrogen through a means of steam reforming. To do this, the equipment scope of the project would be critical. Although this project took place two years after the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the fallout of this health crisis would continue to linger and to seep into the construction world. Supply chain delays were imminent from the very start of the fabrication process. That meant that our total project duration of five months was reduced to less than two weeks. To achieve this, proper planning and great coordination would be crucial. The first four months essentially served as a pre-turnaround phase. Any activities that could be completed prior to the arrival of the pumps were priority System turnover packages were completed early to ensure a timely turnover.

Though many of the tasks had already been completed once before, the same processes occurred the second time around. The checklists and walkthroughs were completed each time in their entirety. Awareness became a critical component of this project. The employees were able to meet this challenge through a combination of specialized training, awareness, and a strong safety leadership team.

Performance Contractors, Inc. was able to complete the project on time, under budget and with zero incidents. With a strong commitment to safety, every employee was able to effectively complete their job tasks and satisfy the client’s request. At the completion, the total scope included:

  • 5,067 LF of Pipe Fabrication
  • 5,067 LF of Pipe Installation
  • 3 Tons of Steel Erected
  • 7 Pieces of Static Equipment Set
  • 0.0% Weld Repair Rate
  • 2 Pieces of Rotating Equipment
  • 0 OSHA Recordables
  • 0 First Aids
  • 0 Near Misses

Proper planning, strong coordination, strategized installation, and specialized training were all key components to finishing this project and adding another job well done to the catalog.

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