INEOS – Olefins 2 Debottleneck / Furnace Replacement Project

INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA (INEOS), contracted Performance Contractors, Inc. to renovate and expand its Chocolate Bayou chemical facility near Alvin, Texas.

The total project consists of a suite of projects executed around a major turnaround scheduled for May 2020. It consists of a major debottlenecking and 26% capacity expansion of the INEOS Olefin-2 unit as well as suites of smaller projects, all of which are largely revamp in scope.  As part of overall Olefin-2 expansion initiative, INEOS is also installing three new ethylene cracking furnaces.  The projects combined consist of 12,000cy of concrete, 5,000 tons of steel and 170,000lf of pipe.

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