ExxonMobil – Baton Rouge Advantaged Crude Expansion Project (BRACE)

Performance proves once again that proper planning and collaboration lead to a successful outcome.

ExxonMobil contracted Performance Contractors for this expansion which would see their Baton Rouge Facility now be able to process additional, economically attractive advantaged Western Canadian crude over waterborne heavy crude. Valued at 11.7M dollars, this project saw Performance manage a large scope of work, including:

  • Sheet Piling and Drill Shaft Subcontracts
  • Pre-cast Sump Installation
  • Structural Concrete & Paving Installation
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Fixed Equipment Assembly and Installation
  • Rotating Equipment Assembly and Installation
  • Process Pipe Installation
  • Hydro Testing of all Piping and Equipment
  • Commissioning and Startup Assistance

The project experienced many successes but also experienced several challenges. The primary of which was the global pandemic. The ExxonMobil and Performance Teams were dedicated to overcoming this obstacle and keeping the project moving forward. While many projects were canceled, deferred, or safe parked, BRACE was not.

Utilizing construction-driven engineering, a safety-first focus and a collaborative approach from all parties, Performance was able to complete the project on schedule despite working around a significant rotating equipment delay. The project spanned nearly 16 months, during which Performance completed 191,925 safe working hours without a single recordable incident.

The key to the project's success was derived from sound scheduling via the implementation of AWP best practices. Constraint free work packages and an unobstructed vision of the finish line allowed field supervision to effectively execute the project scope with limited interference or interruptions.

The project earned a 2024 Eagle Award at the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Excellence in Construction® Awards, highlighting the company's commitment to excellence in project execution and safety performance.

BRACE will be remembered by many for years to come as an example of how proper planning and collaboration can lead to a successful outcome.

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