Diamond Green Diesel 3 – Ecofiner Mechanical Project

Performance Contractors helped bring a game-changing, eco-conscious facility to completion in the face of immeasurable obstacles.

The Diamond Green Diesel 3 Ecofiner Mechanical Project is a perfect representation of the advances in the industry and speaks to the real impact these advances have on energy and consumption. The project was the largest unit in the Diamond Green Diesel 3 Expansion which produces a diesel fuel reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from traditional diesel fuel and is completely renewable as it is produced from sustainable low-carbon feedstocks.

Performance Contractors was selected as the contractor for the Ecofiner Mechanical Project in June of 2021. The project scope included stick built structural steel erection, mechanical equipment setting, furnace assemblies, gas compressor assemblies, and pipe installation along with commissioning support services for start-up. Given the comprehensive nature of this scope that comprised many different disciplines, Performance assembled a field execution team utilizing our resources across the Gulf Coast, and commenced developing our execution strategy.

The project scope was reliant on a significant amount of process equipment being sourced from international suppliers. Performance developed multiple installation scenarios to protect the project schedule in case of any unforeseen delays as these specific equipment types contained significant installation and assembly activities following delivery. Inevitably, construction timeline, delivery uncertainty, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be major obstacles. Performance developed a series of procedures involving social distancing, on-site testing facilities, new transportation policies, and specific lines of communication that upon execution over the next (6) months minimized the potential negative effects that could have been realized on the project.

Diamond Green Diesel is now the largest renewable producer in North America and the second largest in the world. The project earned a 2024 Eagle Award at the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Excellence in Construction® Awards, highlighting the company's commitment to excellence in project execution and safety performance.

This project truly embodied the word “excellence" in its accomplishment of not only every project metric but the fortitude to overcome the unexpected.

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