Recruiting Veterans Into The Industrial Construction Industry

Recruiting Veterans Into The Industrial Construction Industry

Every year, around 240,000 people leave the U.S. armed forces with skills and personal qualities that make them ideally suited for our industry. The mission of Performance Contractors’ Military Workforce Development program is to recruit motivated individuals with U.S. Military backgrounds, train them to become the finest craftsmen they can be and grow them into the future leaders of our industry. These individuals are loyal, teamwork driven, goal-oriented, easily-trainable candidates who can work safely and accurately under pressure.

Performance Contractors’ unique program seeks to locate, target, recruit and grow these service members within the industrial construction industry. This program benefits these individuals and the industry as a whole by raising the quality and standards of our workforce. It is also a proactive way that Performance Contractors can give back to those men and women who have served the United States and are looking fora full-time career at home. Performance Contractors believes very strongly in this cause and want to see as many veterans in the workforce as possible. For all these reasons, Performance is very open about processes and eager to share best practices with other companies. Helping others start or improve their own veteran programs exponentially increases the number of successful hires into the industry.

Successful implementation of our military recruiting program is dependent on many factors:

  • Using diverse and innovative outreach methods to attract the best candidates.
  • Employing innovative custom training programs that accommodate the unique needs of transitioning service members.
  • Being an active force in the community by investing time and capital assets in veteran-related programs and projects.
  • Maintaining strategic partnerships with other companies, foundations, military base transition assistance programs and other programs to increase our collective impact.
  • Educating military officials as well as Performance Contractors Field Supervision so they understand and support goals while showing them a mutual benefit.
  • Remaining a National voice to influence top-down program and policy change. We have served as subject matter experts for national meetings with federal agencies.
  • Strategically placing recruits to ensure a successful transition into the industry.
  • Using a mentorship program to jumpstart careers.
  • Developing a community among Veterans to boost morale and increase retention.

Performance started implementation of the Military Workforce Development program in 2013, and has been able to hire over 200 veterans per year since then. Of those, about 40 veterans achieve NCCER craft level certification on the job and about 30 more graduate from craft training programs with certifications every year.

Since 2014, Performance has been recognized by Military Times as one of the “Best for Vets” Employers in the U.S. and currently ranks 47th on their list, and is the only contractor in the country to have that achievement. Performance has also been recognized by G.I. Jobs as a “Military Friendly Employer” from 2014-2019 and as a top ten employer for 2018. The military program has also received awards for innovation and leadership from the Construction Users Roundtable, the Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Alliance, and Associated Builders and Contractors. Performance is proud to partner with 13 bases representing all five branches of the military, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and its affiliate, Construction and Maintenance EducationFoundation (CMEF), NextOp, Build Your Future, and many other amazing organizations to continue recruit, train, and develop veterans to be the future of the workforce.