Performance Contractors Donates to Support Soldiers

Performance Contractors Donates to Support Soldiers

Performance Contractors Donates to Support Soldiers

Army Staff Sergeant Eric Hue and his wife Mikalyn, are both from Pierre Part but are currently stationed in Ft. Stewart, Georgia where they live with their three young children. Eric has served 16-plus years in the United States Army and have deployed five times to fight for our country so that our children and today’s youth may not have to see what he has seen.

Eric is part of the 3rd Infantry Division. The 3rd Infantry Division is divided into four brigades. Each of those four brigades are then divided into battalions/squadrons. Eric is in the 5th Squadron 7th Calvary. Within the squadron, they are divided into five troops. Eric is in the Bandit Troop. The troops are then divided into platoons. Eric is in the White Platoons which consists of about 30 single and married guys.

Mikalyn served as Family Readiness Group leader from January through October 2014. While serving as leader, she befriended many of the military families and got to know them on a more personal level.

As the holidays were approaching, Mikalyn decided she wanted to do something special for the soldiers who wouldn’t have the opportunity to make it home to their families for Christmas. She set up a Go Fund Me Account with the original goal to help all the single soldiers who couldn’t go home for Christmas. Donations started pouring in and they were not only able to help the single soldiers, but were also able to give the soldiers in Eric’s platoon a Christmas they would never forget.

The soldiers enjoyed gumbo and shrimp fettuccine prepared by Mikalyn as well as an assortment of desserts. Each soldier was given a Santa hat, stocking filled with goodies (flashlights, mugs, keychains, etc.) donated by Performance

Contractors and a $50 American Express gift card donated by Performance Contractors which helped some families get home at the last minute. The men were also given cups that said, “Mr.Right” while their wives were given cups that said, “Mrs. Always Right.”

Santa made a visit and handed out coloring books and crayons to the children as well as took photos with the families.

Ginger Breaux’s kindergarten class at Pierre Part Primary sent a photo card and donated three large stockings full of goodies. Other items donated besides money included food, snacks, hand sanitizer, chapstick, hand warmers, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Door prizes which included Game Stop gift cards, iTunes gift cards, books, puzzles, and games were given away.

“This is the first time these guys were able to do something all together outside of work and they really enjoyed it,” Mikalyn said.

The Hues know all to well the lonely feeling of being away from family for the holidays as more than half of Eric’s time in the military kept him apart from his family for Christmas. They wanted to give back and show their military family how much they are loved and appreciated. The Hues, as well as the soldiers in the White Platoon, would like to thank everyone for their generous donations for making this event such a success.

Reprinted from The Bayou Journal - By Kristen Ashworth