Improving On Safety-First Construction

Through the entire planning process of a project’s life, Performance Contractors goes beyond the industry standard to ensure incident prevention. From Job Safety Analyses to Flawless Execution Plans, we are ready to go before our hands even touch the job site. But what happens once we start? 

With comprehensive safety initiatives and thorough training and incentive programs in place, we know that exceeding industry expectations, continuously instilling a culture of safety that we live by, and keeping our people safe from potential risks and hazards comes down to a simple conversation. With our new incident prevention process, we are working to standardize safety checks every step of the way to ensure our people keep each other safe.

Performance’s Go/No-Go Checkpoint

Derived from NASA’s launch status check, Performance Contractors’ Go/No-Go Checkpoint develops a safety-first mindset for all employees. We’ve learned this method and lived by it our entire lives. Is it safe to cross the road? Look both ways and make a decision on whether it’s safe to proceed. The same concept applies to Performance job sites.  

The final decision to execute a task comes down to a simple, real-time decision: Go or No-Go. By applying this principle on the job site, the Performance team is actively evaluating hazards, reducing production stops and incident rates, and cultivating a thought process that aligns with our safety culture. 

We are encouraging our employees to think before they act, and encourage them to ask these questions before every task on the job site:

If there are resounding yes to each question, then the team has verified they have everything they need to safely perform the task at hand and execution is a Go. But if our workers answer no to any of these questions, this is a No-Go situation. It is not safe for our team, the job site, and anyone else involved to proceed with the job. Pushing through a No-Go will most likely result in an incident on-site, and may require anything from conducting an evaluation to performing a last minute risk assessment to determining mitigation, to proceed with the job.

Making sure that our people and our job sites remain as safe as possible is critical when it comes to performing industrial work of the scale that we do. And at the end of the day, our Go, No-Go Checkpoint is just a simple last-minute check for each task we perform to ensure the Performance team hangs our hat on a safe day's work.

Improving On Safety-First Construction

Improving On Safety-First Construction