Building a Better Workforce Development Program

Performance Contractors has never been one to back down from a challenge. As the industry, and the people who are in it, shift to technology-driven processes, we are leading the charge in adapting to the future of our workforce. We were recently recognized by the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) and the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance for our investments in innovating workforce development initiatives, but we aren’t finished yet. We ensure that all employees, regardless of location, have an efficient and effective method to stay in compliance with company, client, and OSHA policies, and we are constantly striving for continuous improvement of our processes, from start to finish.

Attracting New Talent

In ongoing efforts to advance the use of technology and tracking and reporting in our processes, Performance Contractors is rolling out a new Workforce Development Database.  Along with our ABC membership, high school sponsorships and technical college partnerships to help students develop their skill set early on and learn about careers in the industry, this new database will give us insight into the students we are connecting with and give us the ability to track candidates through their careers at Performance. The Workforce Development Database will open a world of opportunities for both potential employees and our own leadership by providing a frontline of entry level craftsmen to help fill the gap in the workforce shortage. 

Safety & Proficiency 

As we grow our database of talent and bring in new employees company-wide, expanding our training services is a crucial part of success in our workforce development program. While blanket training is the standard across most of the industry, Performance’s new and enhanced Learning Management System (LMS) offers each employee easy access to required training when needed for a standardized approach to workforce development. Rather than completing training in an office months before a task, our LMS gives us the ability to offer just-in-time training just before an employee begins a task. This ensures the training is fresh on the employee’s mind, and delivers a standard message to employees working from coast to coast.

While maintaining regular safety and field meetings, we’ve taken the LMS one step further by making these training modules easily accessible via cell phones to give employees the option to refresh training and eliminate paper test, scanning, grading and manually inputting data. The more proficient method of training puts Performance ahead of the curve, keeping current employees in compliance while allowing new talent to grow efficiently.  

From the Ground Up

Our people are our best asset, and investing in their continuous growth benefits everyone. With the dedication from our management, Performance has not only implemented programs, but continuously delivers unsurpassed mentorship to our teams. While innovations in processes and equipment are important to success on the field, prioritizing employee growth is always at the forefront of our workforce development program. Involved mentor programs, incentive programs and more lead the way for continuous improvement and promotions. 

Without the right tools or the drive to break out of the mold, managing thousands of employees can be difficult. But as a leader in workforce development within a competitive industry, Performance Contractors is ready to embrace new ideas and technology, and build a better workforce.  

Building a Better Workforce Development Program

Building a Better Workforce Development Program